The haul included 16 kg of Kava and small amounts of Cannabis. On Mon A law enforcement spokewoman revealed, The Kava got a street value of $16,000 and was headed for Milingimbi Island before it had been intercepted by police. While the actual identity of the arrested elder had not been revealed Supt Braam said it was not the first time respected Arnhem Land community members have been involved.. 16 kg Kava seized: an Aboriginal elder arrested in connection By Dr Ananya Mandal 16 kilograms of Kava was seized by the Northern Territory Law enforcement because they arrested a well respected 56-year-old Aboriginal elder in connection.With sustained financing, blood stem cells could possibly be among the first tissues to be produced from iPS cells and used clinically to take care of hematologic diseases. This will set the stage for repair of other tissues and, eventually, regeneration of damaged organs. Myelodysplastic Syndrome and Acute Myeloid Leukemia – Discover an Effective and Personalized Treatment for the Elderly: Utilize basic, translational, medical, and public health research to explore fresh treatment approaches for older patients, who’ve not benefitted from latest successes that have led to striking improvements in outcomes for youthful sufferers with these disorders.