In response to ACOEM's letter, the College was asked to testify in the July 31 Senate hearing on S.1009. Dr. Jonathan Borak represented ACOEM at the hearing which was held by the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Functions.. ACOEM helps introduction of CSIA that evaluations safety of most chemicals in commerce The American University of Environmental and Occupational Medication , has expressed its support for the introduction of S.1009, the Chemical substance Safety Improvement Work , legislation that could for the first time require that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency review the basic safety of all chemical substances in commerce. In a July 25 letter to Senator David Vitter , the College applauded the Senator and the other bi-partisan band of Senators for presenting this legislation which would modernize and fix the significant flaw in today’s TOXINS Control Act that allows nearly all chemicals on the market today to be grandfathered in without any evidence of their security.‘However, females reared on low meals could actually replenish their fat reserves, increase their growth rate to create up for their small body size, and produce more babies to pay for their delayed maturity. The end result was that they were able to attain the same reproductive success as females reared on high food, whatever the quality of the adult environment.’ Next, Auer plans to review how guppy development and reproductive strategies react to seasonal variation in food availability in the wild. Female guppies used in the experiment had been the offspring of 1st generation descendents of seafood collected in 2008 from a downstream, high predation site on the Aripo River in the Northern Range Mountains of Trinidad.

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