The older donors were given higher doses of hormonal medications and produced fewer egg cells. The experts found, however, that being pregnant and live birth rates involving the old egg donors were not significantly not the same as those using eggs from younger women. The study’s findings were scheduled for presentation Tuesday at the annual meeting of the American Culture for Reproductive Medication in Baltimore. The research was also published on-line concurrently in the journal Fertility and Sterility.... AFQ056 drug improves symptoms in Fragile X patients: Study The first drug to take care of the underlying disorder instead of the symptoms of Fragile X, the most common reason behind inherited intellectual disability, shows some promise according to a fresh study published in the January issue of Science Translational Medicine. Researchers from Rush University INFIRMARY helped design the study and are now participating in the larger follow-up scientific trial. The data from the first trial of 30 Fragile X sufferers, found the drug, called AFQ056, made by Novartis Pharmaceuticals, helped improve symptoms in a few patients. Sufferers who had the best response have a kind of ‘fingerprint’ in their DNA that could act as a marker to determine who should get treatment. ‘This is an exciting development.