For the study, researchers autopsied the brains of 426 Japanese-American men who were residents of Hawaii and died at an average age of 87 years. Of these, 211 had been diagnosed with dementia when they were alive, buted to Alzheimer ‘s disease.

The research is published today and is used as part of a plenary session of the American Academy of Neurology 63rd 9th Annual Meeting in Honolulu April – 16 April 2014 will be presented. ‘Diagnosis specific dementias in people who are very old is complex, but with the large increase in dementia in the next 10 in the United States in the United States, it is increasingly important to correctly recognize, diagnose, prevent, treat age and cognitive decline, ‘said study author Lon White, with the Kuakini Medical System in Honolulu.. Foundation Cleveland Clinic New Product Award for the development of new dermatological devicesCLevex, a Columbus-based early stage medical technology company, announced that it the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, 2007 PK Ranney receive New Product Award.The DRC is identifiable and compare the health and health needs children and adolescents. The time offers easy to understood charts and graphs, the member stimulating and to inform state and community improve partnerships, to raise programs driver, politicians and the public, presents information can download literacy, and informed research and development granting. Tech support and training are also available. Allow further progress evidence-based policy, programs develop and advocacy on behalf of of children, youth and families.

The U.S. Announce which First U.S. The implant Lumax 540 series – therapy for heart failure patients.

BIOTRONIK announced today the first U.S. The implant of the next generation Lumax 540 Series defibrillator to treat patients with heart failure. The Lumax 540 Serie of the U.S. Food by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration .