For the next three years , the animals were A group that on a diet. A group that ate soy did not contain isoflavones, which are natural plant estrogens that. One group ate soy with the isoflavones intact, and one group was added to the diet without soy isoflavones and Premarin, or estrogen therapy.

The adrenal glands are the primary source of androgen hormones in women. During aging, with a significant decline in androgens is associated, other factors in adrenal androgen production involved is unknown. Regulation of androgen levels may be particularly important in postmenopausal women because observational studies have shown that older women, premenopausal and postmenopausald to be healthier. – Recently, there increased the interest in supplementing androgens research research is underway to understand more about these hormones, said Wood. Our study makes the point that estrogen the the adrenal gland production of androgens. .CONTACT Inc.:John SH Mitchell, Cambridge University, UK###ACS NEWS SERVICEThe American Chemical Society Newsservice PressPac your of for finds needed in fields ranging from astronomy to zoology, which are notified in the 34 peer-reviewed journals of the American Chemical Society. Having more than 158,000 members, ACS is the world’s largest scientific society. Is the science of life lives, and these news alert is from the front of that science with ACS headquarters of. Washington DCrican Chemical Society – the world’s largest scientific association – is an profit organization that chartered to the U.S.

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