Scientists know that people very happy or sad occasions remember it vividly because of the emotional connection tend Hegde said. Extreme emotions solve the release of a chemical in the brain as norepinephrine, which is related to adrenaline. Norepinephrine somehow helps memories last a long time, some even a long life. -ample, he said, when a person asks, Where were you done than the 9/11 attacks? most people immediately remember where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news. You remember the moment as if it happened only because a national tragedy arouses emotions and feelings somehow makes memories last for a long time, said Hegde..

The current study was funded by the National Institutes of Health, Edward Mallinckrodt Foundation and the Whitehall Foundation.Co – researchers were Chenghai Dong, and Dwayne Godwin, both of the School of Medicine, and Peter Brennan, from the University of Bristol, United Kingdom.Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center is an academic health system, North Carolina Baptist Hospital, since 1993. Hospital, Wake Forest University Physicians, and Wake Forest University Health Sciences, the University School of Medicine and Piedmont Triad Research Park operates along.Tong et al conclude They found ‘TIP30 can work as a tumor suppressor gene and play a significant role in the suppression of progression and metastasis of lung cancer. ‘These findings underscore TIP30 as a possible new therapeutical a patient with metastatic cancer. These results will be presented in the May 2009 issue of American Journal of Pathology.

Roll role by SPARC in the renal disease, Sussman et al examines immune-mediated renal sickness in mice deficient SPARC and in normal mice. They found in the brain cured the kidney into SPARC – null mice compared by normal controls, partially reducing for maintenance of podocytes. In addition, SPARC -deficient podocyte Been resistant to stress – induced separation. – Sussman et al have established a causative role for Sun SPARC in the progressive of glomerular disease according immune-mediated damage of the podocytes[ These] findings causal role in causal role of the induction of the matricellular protein Sun SPARC in communicating podocytes lost accelerate[ kidney.] injury .