In a few Yoga ashrams, all learners seek to perform ‘guru seva, ‘ in the spirit of selfless offering toward the head teacher and the service. This exchange of work for housing, foods, and learning, can be a traditional one. The thought of giving of one’s self to a larger cause is usually noble and a form of Karma Yoga. Not every applicant is accepted, plus some centers don’t have seva programs at all. Yet, it must be realized a seva agreement between a learning pupil and his or her guru might last years. Should you have obligations, such as for example children, spouse, family, job, or a substantial other, the concept of seva may not fit your lifestyle.Francisco Leon, MD, PhD, vice President formerly, Clinical Functions and Medical Affairs, has been promoted to Vice Chief and President Medical Officer. Dr. Leon is an immunologist with broad trained in basic and scientific Immunology and a career for clinical development in the field of Mucosal Immunology. Prior to signing up for Alba in September 2007, Dr. Leon was a Director of Clinical Development, Respiratory and Inflammatory Illnesses at MedImmune where he worked on asthma and mucosal vaccination. He was a Director of Clinical Discovery, Oncology/ Immunology at Bristol-Myers Squibb where he done Crohn’s disease, arthritis rheumatoid, and transplantation.