The tumor recurred and destroyed the girl nose almost completely over the following 7 years. The hope is that patients won’t have to suffer this type or kind of trauma later on. New operative methods in plastic surgery enable surgeons to treat large defects after tumor treatment or because of dog bites with a far greater cosmetic result. In smaller wounds, the cosmetic surgeon can do the reconstruction within a single operation. If more than a quarter of the nose offers been destroyed, the limitations of the method have already been reached: The individual will stay disfigured even after medical procedures. Better esthetic results can be reached by carrying out several surgical treatments in succession.But the relative rarity of Adseverin in the body adds gasoline to the findings. ‘Adseverin has a not a lot of distribution in your body,’ he adds, ‘and very few cells communicate this proteins at significant levels, which make it easier to target from a pharmacotherapeutic standpoint.’ ‘It's an exciting drug target,’ says Glogauer. Dr. Chris McCulloch, Professor in the Matrix Dynamics research lab and another lead researcher on the study, agrees. ‘These findings provide chance for looking for new drugs for the treatment of gum diseases.’ The analysis may also offer fresh insights into bone reduction connected with osteoarthritis and osteoporosis..