Delay in dealing with these reactions can possess serious consequences including death. Latest deaths of teenagers in Illinois and Georgia, who didn’t have immediate access to epinephrine, underscore the need for immediate treatment. ‘We are saddened at the news headlines of the little girl’s loss of life,’ stated Dr. Fineman. ‘While we have no idea the specifics of this event, we do know that, with proper education and immediate treatment, nearly all severe allergic reactions are preventable.’ ACAAI recommends that those with a previous background of severe allergic attack see an allergist, get and fill up a prescription for epinephrine, carry the epinephrine with them all the time and use it immediately at the first sign of an allergic reaction..Graham Parker and Bernard Siegel will serve as Co-Editors-in-Chief, became a member of by Rosario Isasi as Controlling Editor. It was also announced that Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers and Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology Information , a Liebert publication, can be joint platinum media sponsors of the GPI's 2013 Globe Stem Cell Summit which will take place in the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, 4 in San Diego December, CA. Bernard Siegel, Executive Director of Founder and GPI and Co-chair of the Summit said, ‘We are proud to partner with Graham Parker and the experienced editorial group at Stem Cells and Advancement to publish our annual Survey.