Despite several example in the scientific literature , which, based on the existence of a connection between the low presence of AGPO-3 in the diet and depressive disorders useful, although recognizes that ‘little is known about how modern Western diets that are low in AGPO-3 affect brain function and what might be the reason for a higher rate of depression, with a deficit of these fatty acids, ‘be connected. Rodr guez – Puertas as a doctor notes, ‘thanks to the results of this research new opportunities for conducting deeper research to be opened, such as diet changes the function of the brain in general and the endocannabinoid system in particular and how this is linked to mental disorders. ‘.

However, what is not known so far is the brain mechanism that can be conditioned by the mental diet to a certain degree. Research by scientists in Bordeaux and at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of of the Basque Country conducted and published in Nature Neuroscience, provides new clues to the understanding this phenomenon. The name of the research work, ‘ Omega-3 to cancel malnutrition, the neuronal functions of the endocannabinoid system describes the research findings, endocannabinoid system linked to the occurrence of depressive disorders According to Dr.GE Capital, Corporate Retail Finance announced today that it Co in – security agent on a $ 1650000000 asset-based loan business investment to SUPERVALU Inc., a leading national supermarkets and Apotheke retailer. The loan shall be for the working capital needs and can be used to refinance existing debt. GE Capital Markets Become the joint lead arranger and Joint Bookrunners.

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