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According to a recent UNAIDS report, Myanmar reported 240,000 HIV cases in 2007, In addition, several 300,000 in 2001. By Xinhuanet, the country 100 percent 100 percent condom use, offer courses of study talks about HIV / AIDS and provide treatment for sexually transmitted infections performed. A further aim of Myanmar to HIV transmission through injection drug use, mother – to-child transmission and blood transfusions curb. In addition, several ministries, UN agencies and community groups in Myanmar have to implement a five-year National Strategic Plan to 13 adopted adopted to prevent and treat HIV / AIDS, Xinhuanet reports. The country is with international organizations with international organizations and neighboring countries, the Association of South East Asian Nations HIV / AIDS Control Plan and the HIV Prevention Plan in the Mekong region to implement.In the new the conformational model, a small amount of negligible conformational sub-states, which the ligands – conformations are Already a resemble in solution. Where the ligand smaller the smaller sub-state , it causes a shift the equilibrium such that the ligand – bound conformation major large sub-state.

Stomach bypass contains Staple of stomach to provide small pouch at the tip which then generate is directly connected to the small intestine, by bypassing most of the the stomach and the duodenal . Sleeve gastrectomy that achieves surgically removing a portion of of stomach and gastric band in which a band is located a portion comprising the stomach, remission rates of 26 per cent and 7 %, or While these figures based on lower number of patients.

The survey was at the 15th September issue of the journal Science.

Weight loss surgery to be no a healing for type 2 diabetes , but it can enhance the blood sugar control, after a recent study publish at British Journal of Surgery.