Coagulation depends on the sequential activation of proteins called clotting factors, culminating in the production of fibrin – the protein, which is the mesh of the clot. This process must be tightly regulated, as too little clotting disorders disorders and too much clotting can block blood vessels that cause strokes and heart attacks triggered.

Blood-thinning medication was initiated at the sight of injury in the factor XII-deficient mice, the separated separated from the blood vessel wall, before they could grow large enough to to impede the blood flow.. For decades, scientists have assumed that factor XII is not important for clotting, as both humans and mice lacking this protein do not develop bleeding disorders. Bernhard Nieswandt and his colleagues now show that mice develop not factor XII blocked arteries in response to blood vessel injury is missing.Advantages of algal of DHA while pregnantresearch by Susan E. Carlson, presented at the Division of Dietetics and Nutrition at the University of Kansas Medical Center have shown that natal algae DHA supplementation DHA higher blood both in mother and newborn and infancy birth weights, length and head circumference.

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