In some instances where somebody is very overweight and unhealthy it would be smart to obtain an enema and also have the waste flushed out however that’s a distressing process and is not very nice to go through. Unless you’re very over weight you wont have to do this. But on the other hand even if you’re not severely overweight an enema is a superb method to cleanse your colon fast. Bowtrol is relatively low-cost which is a good thing. I am using it for quite a while now and feel a lot healthier.Reports suggest that, in some certain areas, families are running the burial teams out of town actually, creating more civil and panic unrest. ‘The perceived deprivation among the populace from supplying a befitting burial for their loved ones is leading to fear, resistance and panic to such procedures,’ wrote Sierra Express Mass media contributor Alhassan Fouard Kanu. ‘There are events where burial teams have been chased aside as seen lately in BlackHall Street, Freetown, Shelmingo in Bo and Masongbo in Bombali district.’ Sierra Leone’s new health minister attempting to improve body collection, burial protocols In response to all this, Dr.