Chief Executive Officer, Professor Ian Olver said the Cancer Council Australia was extended to all political parties to colorectal cancer screening for all Australians aged 50 and over, as supported by scientific evidence and recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council find the answers .

Professor Olver also welcomed Mr. Rudd.s commitment to fund additional colonoscopy capacity and to establish a framework with the states and territories for the program.s ongoing implementation.

Barriers Brawley, said: ‘first problem first problems we not even know the number of people suffer from of Sickle Cell Disease. ‘He added: ‘You can use the data that is situated the number of sickle cell patient between 50,000 and 75 , and can documents papers say the it, tells says between 50,000 and 120 respectively ‘ A further problem is that the ‘number of doctors interested interested in sickle cell will to dramatic,’Brawley said. According to Reuters , many sickle cell anemia patient minority groups and people who under-insured or no insured.

To this end, explore his team are whether omega – 3s – the fatty acid been found into fish oils – might improve antidepressant therapies in heart patients. Specify an antidepressant and a special formulation of omega-3 to some of heart patient and compare them with depression heart patients who obtain is an antidepressant but do not omega-3. ‘We do not with the efficacy of the standard antidepressants for relieving depression this population out of patient satisfied,’Carney say. ‘We investigate omega-3, first evidence that preliminary evidence that to fatty acids could make depression treatments effect both in against depression and to improve the health of the heart. ‘.