African community in Dallas reacts to Ebola news DALLAS – Considered Dallas’ Ellis Island for the last twenty years, the Vickery Meadows neighborhood of Northeast Dallas is home to refugees from Africa and other areas of the world. CBS Evening Information CDC: 1st case of Ebola diagnosed in U.S click here . The director of the Centers for Disease Control said a patient in a Dallas hospital has been identified as having Ebola. This is the first time the dis. If there’s heightened community concern about the spread of Ebola, it’s experienced there since some occupants are already dealing with the horror, reports

When the experts altered for variables, they discovered that African Us citizens and Asian Americans were not as likely than whites to prefer preliminary treatment from a specialist. Latinos were less likely than whites to prefer professionals also, though this difference had not been significant statistically. The reason for this disparity remains a mystery. Individuals who did prefer preliminary care from a specialist were found to possess less confidence and trust in their primary-care physician, got greater certainty about which checks or remedies they needed and got had prior encounter with a specialist. These factors, however, didn’t explain why African People in america and Asian Americans were less likely to prefer care from a specialist.