This consists of fourteen live online discussions taking place within the next week, backed by an abundance of resources and info for patients and themselves from its Cancer Centre. The web discussions include: – talking about skin cancer, with senior consultant skin doctor Dr Hady Bayoumi – communication and cancer, with psychologist Judi James – colorectal tumor, with consultant doctor Mr Pawan Mathur.. AXA PPP healthcare introduces brand-new Facebook app for cancers patients AXA PPP healthcare has launched a new Facebook application – little big things – for folks affected by malignancy to talk about inspirational tips and practical details on dealing with the disease and its treatment.It has an effect equivalent to benzodiazepines but is more likely to slow down breathing, making it less attractive because of this use. Occasionally, the agitated and confused person may have to be restrained until she or he becomes calm and coherent physically. Alcoholic ketoacidosis is treated with IV carbohydrates and fluids. Normally, this is done in the form of sugar-containing fluid distributed by IV until the person can resume drinking fluids and eating. Any person with alcoholism who’s treated by a doctor should receive thiamine .