Acacia subsidiary announces acquisition of 7 medtech patent portfolios Acacia Research Corporation announced today a subsidiary has acquired 7 medtech patent portfolios made up of over 150 patents and pending applications relating to medical devices, biologics and diagnostic techniques. Acacia continues to improve the number of patent portfolios we control in the medical existence and technology sciences sector, states Paul Ryan, CEO and President. We are rapidly expanding our presence as a leader in patent licensing in the medical device, diagnostics and life sciences sectors. .Unlike the animal control group given no ALC, which regained just slight hindlimb movements, the group treated with ALC recovered hindlimb actions more quickly and could actually stand on all limbs and walk a month later. Critically, such impressive recovery was correlated with significant tissue sparing at the injury site pursuing administration of ALC. Because ALC can be administered orally, and can be well-tolerated at fairly high doses in human beings, researchers believe that their discovery could be translated easily to scientific practice as an early on intervention for people with traumatic spinal-cord injuries. Initial funding for these research was supplied by the Kentucky Spinal Cord and Head Injury Study Trust .