This explains the strong connection between cancer and fluoride. So if your neighborhood fluoridates its water supply, you may want to start filtering your plain tap water using a reverse osmosis filter. Also, give your son or daughter non-fluoridated dental products rather than fluoridated ones. Soy touted as a nutritious food with multiple health benefits Conventionally, soy is found in as many as two-thirds of everyday processed foods. Yet, soy can in fact be an exceptionally harmful food. While fermented soy can be healthy, soy in its unfermented state in fact contains many harmful parts.Steroids prescribed to 40 females, who had experienced multiple miscarriages, led to three quarters of these giving birth successfully. The steroid treatment provides been shown to lessen the known degree of organic killer cells in the uterus, and this is considered to increase the chances of an embryo likely to full term. Dr. Quenby says presently there is absolutely no treatment for the thousands of women around the world who are desperate because they maintain miscarrying for no cause.