The results, based on studies of normal and cancer cells from human mouth Nose and throat tissue, provide more evidence that important regulators of gene activity occur outside as well as inside DNA in a cell nucleus based. – While carcinogenic and other mutations vital protein production pathways changed by rewriting the gene DNA code that affect epigenetic genes without changing the code itself, the new studies tell us that such changes not only in the methyl groups occur bond apotek tidsskrift . A gene a gene switch, but also unglued, says Califano.

Further analyzes of the Johns Hopkins team revealed a single connection between 106 genes: methylation within them by another by another gene called acts as a. BORIS acts as a ‘master regulator, ‘recruiting other proteins demethylate a coordinated set of genes and signaling the development of cancer. According to scientists, nearly 60 % of a broad range of cancers, including head and neck and lung cancer, high BORIS expression. He provides that substances such as 5-azacytidine may have a ‘BORIS blocker,’a drug that has yet to be developed to help patients demethylating demethylating therapies are combined protection.

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