Ballot measures nomination of Palin for VP Elevate Profile of Abortion – Related Issues, AP / reportsThe AP / on Tuesday examined how the abortion debate is a high profile campaign issue this year because of the abortion context ballot measures in California, Colorado and South Dakota, as well as the nomination of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as a Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain vice presidential candidate running mate.

Courtesy you can reprint the entire Daily Women’s Health Policy Report search the archives or sign up for email delivery here. Daily Women’s Health Policy Report is a free service of the National Partnership for Women & Families by the Advisory Board Company is published.Article: ‘Cannabinoids Improve susceptibility to the immature brain to ethanol neurotoxicity, ‘Henrik Hansen, Birte Krutz, Marco Sifringer, Vanya Stefovska, Petra Bittigau, Fritz Pragst, John Marsicano, Beat Lutz, Chrysanthy Ikonomidou, Annals of Neurology.

Addition, Cannabis activated CB1 receptors layers, which to psychomotor, memory, perception and pain sensation changes to this drug causes In the current study humans and animals. In the current study, elevated THC combining ethanol this level and that CB1 receptor antagonist rimonabant an anti-obesity drug , which can be helpful in the treatment of drug, reducing the planes. That no functioning CB1 receptors are were less susceptible the neurotoxic effects by of ethanol. ‘is neuronal degeneration disseminated and very severe THC with a mildly toxic ethanol dose were combined ‘, to write authors that authors note that since this effect was counteract entirely with the the CB1 receptor blocker rimonabant, activation of these receptors shall be responsible of ethanol be an increased toxicity.