C Siva, S iron, R Shepherd, F Cunningham, MA Fang, W Finch, D Salisbury, J Singh, R Stern, SA Zarabadi. Leflunomide use during the first 33 months after FDA approval: experience with a national cohort of 3,325 patients. Arthritis Care & Research, December 2003.

Explains iron, – lower socio-economics often enroll more women and younger patients from higher socioeconomic groups. The gender bias is particularly common in clinical studies for the treatment of rheumatic diseases, the women make more than men. – ‘ VA medical data complements information obtained from other sources because of VA patients are predominantly male and older and include a higher proportion of African Americans and individuals of lower socio-economic groups to do as a general studies, ‘Eisen says.Mechanism warning do not G8 at AIDS liabilities no meet.

Amid fears that critical promises commitments at previous the G8 to be broken at this year’s conference Japan, than 200 of civil society organizations made over 60 countries has a letter to G8 head of state emphasized the general necessity universal access to of universal access to prevention, treatment, care and support by 2013.

The letter is from World AIDS Campaign, supporting strengthens and connects campaigns heads of state is responsible for coordinated their pledges to confront HIV and AIDS to hold. ‘Stop AIDS. And hold the Promise ‘is the theme to the World AIDS Campaign by 2005-2013.