The group and business model developed by AMO Pharma possess the clear potential to provide important fresh therapies to treat diseases in underserved individual populations in the years forward. We intend to advance our initial two applications while aggressively acquiring extra quality value assets attractive for advancement and partnering or commercialization.’.. AMO Pharma raises $25 million in private equity financing AMO Pharma Limited , a privately held biopharmaceutical company concentrating on debilitating diseases with limited or no treatment options, announced today that the business offers raised $25 million in private equity financing from Woodford Investment Administration . This initial investment came from the Woodford Patient Capital Trust .To day, limited molecular profiling research in this disease have identified a few targetable alterations. Oncogenic BRAF mutations have already been described, and a response to the RAF inhibitor vemurafenib was observed in a patient with BRAF-mutant anaplastic thyroid tumor.19 Extra targetable alterations include mutations in PIK3CA, PTEN, KRAS, NRAS, and ALK.20,21 Genomic profiling of anaplastic thyroid cancer to screen for mTOR-pathway alterations may identify subgroups of patients who are potential candidates for enrollment in medical trials of mTOR-directed therapies. Although cancers driven by a dominant oncogene frequently have dramatic responses to targeted kinase inhibitors, the tumors invariably become resistant to these brokers.