AMGA issues comments in CMS Request for Information on ACOs The American Medical Group Association , a trade association representing multispecialty medical groups and additional organized systems of care, today released its comments on the CMS Obtain Information on Accountable Treatment Organizations . The remarks were due and submitted on December 3, 2010. CMS provides announced that the notice of proposed rulemaking on ACOs will be published early next year Donald W. Fisher, Ph.D., CAE, AMGA’s President and CEO, said: ‘CMS seems to be attempting to collect more info about the ‘shared cost savings’ program in the health care reform law, commonly known as Accountable Care Organizations , just before proposed rulemaking.‘There was no factor in general survival, cancer-specific survival, and disease free survival between the two groups. Nevertheless, the differences in aesthetic outcome were striking – 81 percent in the APBI group acquired good-to-excellent results as opposed to 63 percent of those who received whole breast irradiation.’ An additional advantage of APBI is normally that treatment time could be shortened. Instead of whole breast irradiation, in which a program of treatment typically takes five weeks , APBI can be executed in four to five days. ‘We believe that the results of our trial will encourage more patients to choose APBI, particularly those that may now be inclined to refuse radiotherapy because of the logistical issues involved – having to travel lengthy distances over a period of six weeks can be a major problem for some patients,’ Professor Polg-r shall say.