Although the researchers say the least, interpret the results, reported in January Annals of Neurology that HERV-K might be the ALS retrovirus that researchers have been looking for. – ‘This paper provides no causation on the level of doubt, but it promising promising links between HERV-K and ALS,’says Nath. ‘We have never found a putative retrovirus for this disease before, so this opens up a whole new field. ‘.

Not only that, but ILKUM enables extremely fast access to course – related issues and information.. I am looking to see, retroviruses arether an offender retrovirus actually exists, examines Avindra Nath, a professor of neurology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and colleagues brain samples from 62 people: 28 from ALS from ALS, 12, of died chronic systemic diseases, such as cancer, from accidental causes and 12, the. Another neurodegenerative disease, Parkinson’s disease at the time at the time of her death Using a technique of polymerase chain reaction, the researchers for messenger RNA transcripts from retroviruses, a chemical signature that retroviruses were active in these patients wanted known.

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