These Phase II clinical trials will be carried out in sufferers with wet age-related macular degeneration and in sufferers with symptomatic vitreomacular traction . ‘We are extremely pleased with the FDA's acceptance, which validates our preclinical data, multiple Phase I study outcomes, and Stage II clinical study design,’ said Vicken Karageozian, M.D., Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Allegro Ophthalmics. ‘In only over 3 years, we've rapidly and gone from compound discovery to Phase II scientific trials methodically.Whether other vendors are prepared to make their items interoperable, government frequently overrides industry’s financial interests to achieve a greater public good. I’m all for those who have vision problems. But now I must put my most talented staff on this problem even before sorting out the basics of transmitting information. In our iPhone-reverent age, the dismissal of EHR critics as Luddites is usually supported by the recognition that technology we once couldn’t imagine we have now can’t live without. But the assumption that EHR development will mirror the cell phone’s trajectory offers three notable flaws.