That kind of education guarantees that both patient and the family are hearing the same instructions, which is important for recovery. TeleHealth Solutions is implementing its innovative TIGR interactive entertainment and education solution in six Alegent Health facilities. The partnership also encompasses upgrading all patient areas and guest areas with state-of-the-art healthcare and commercial grade LCD televisions, Curbell GenIV immediate access pillow loudspeakers and Lucasey mounts.The recommended daily intake for salt is normally 6g and that means you should try and be sure that your maximum daily intake will not exceed this. 5) LESSEN YOUR ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION: – Moderate alcohol consumption does not pose a significant to most people’s health. However, excessive alcohol intake can have a negative impact on your diabetes with the complications including hyperglycaemia . Therefore, you have to moderate when it comes to alcohol intake. Guys should try to stick to 3-4 units each day whilst ladies should try to stick with 1 or 2 2 units each day. Since diet is so carefully linked with blood sugar it comes as no surprise that it should be closely managed in order to keep your diabetes under control.