As producers and restaurants removed it from products, trans fat consumption dropped 78 %. However they can still be found in a wide range of goods. ‘They remain in a whole lot of fried foods, packaged crackers and packaged breads,’ Roizen said. ‘Among the real reasons they were put in there is they let stuff live forever.’ Companies have 3 years to comply with the order to eliminate trans fats entirely. ‘That’s already around in Canada,’ Roizen stated. ‘I don’t know why it does take three years in the usa, to bring what the food companies have already completed in Canada to the United States. CBS TODAY Exposing food market secrets Specialists say that consumers could be tricked into consuming certain foods without actually knowing what they consist of.Michael J. Pokabla. There were no significant variations between evaluations and recommendations using both systems, and the doctors rated the iPhone pictures as excellent. We conclude that cellular devices like the iPhone can be used to assess ophthalmic images, he added. No Eye M.D. In the homely house? Videoconferencing Brings the Expert to the Outback When no ophthalmologist can be on site, some emergency rooms in remote medical centers in rural Australia now use videoconferencing to receive diagnosis and treatment tips for their eye injury and ophthalmic illness sufferers. A telecommunication link at a major metropolitan teaching eye medical center, the Royal Victorian Eyesight and Ear Medical center , is connected with four ERs that serve huge parts of rural Australia.