Core income per share rose by 17.9 % to EUR 1.12 . Gross cash flow climbed by 49.6 % to EUR 1,327 million due to the improved operating income and lower special charges, while net cash flow was level year on year at EUR 1,577 million . Despite negative currency effects of approximately EUR 0.3 billion, net credit card debt as of September 30 declined by EUR 0. With June 30 4 billion compared, 2011, to EUR 7.0 billion. Higher earnings at HealthCare Sales of the Health care subgroup receded by 1.7 % in the third quarter, to EUR 4,200 million , because of negative currency effects. After adjusting for currency and portfolio effects, sales rose by 1.6 %. The pattern in the pharmaceuticals business in the emerging markets was especially encouraging, Dekkers said.‘This will provide more households with the appropriate tools and abilities to empower them in their health decision making, and the web benefits will follow – not only for common childhood ailments, but also in nutrition to fight childhood obesity and diabetes, improved oral health position and prenatal wellness education.’ This wellness literacy program originated by Dr. Ariella Herman, UCLA Anderson senior lecturer and HCI study director, and the HCI group. They created some low-literacy learning materials Jointly, manuals and protocols helping this scholarly education process to enhance the fundamental skills of wellness literacy.