If no distinction is made between these two types, an immune response against beta-amyloid may also attack brain cells. Therefore, if a vaccine against Alzheimer’s is usually to be effective and safe, the disease fighting capability must be able to distinguish between detached beta-amyloid and the beta-amyloid that is part of APP. Newly patented AFFITOME technology from Affiris GmbH does exactly that. It makes it possible to manufacture a vaccine that directs the immune system to attack just the harmful type of beta-amyloid. This patent implies that Affiris GmbH provides in principle covered all peptide sequences that can be used to strike detached beta-amyloid. The 1st Alzheimer’s vaccine from Affiris GmbH, referred to as AD01, is currently involved with a phase I scientific trial, which is because of be completed by mid-2008.‘This study techniques the field of HIV avoidance science forwards, leading us on a path toward curbing the HIV epidemic. It provides a fresh direction for HIV prevention research and is starting to shape public wellness policy.’ Eshleman says a significant next step is definitely to determine whether early initiation of ARV treatment on a wider level can decrease the spread of HIV on a community or inhabitants level.. ACT’s TEMPASURE cardiac ablation catheter receives CE Mark Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics, Inc. The TEMPASURE system is the world’s initial RF cardiac ablation catheter to offer both saline irrigation and temperature-sensing technology.