During cancer treatment the actions of chemotherapy also manuals to considerable hair fall. In such instances the hair restoration relies mainly on sternness of such condition. Prolonged utilization of drugs like anti depressants, beta blockers & calcium channel blockers, Non Steroid Anti Inflammatory Drugs also cause hair fall. Hair transplantation is the best ever remedy: Hair transplantation is the most reliable and guaranteed treatment for hair loss. For your knowledge, hair transplantation is a surgical process which requires great loads and experience of skills to perform perfectly. Therefore consulting the appropriate cosmetic surgeon & searching for the appropriate kind of cosmetic surgery centre is very essential.1) Eat Well Although foods such as for example greasy chocolate and fries aren’t known to cause pimples breakout directly, they may have an indirect negative impact. All things being equal, it is always a good idea to choose healthier food. Eating healthily increase your immune system which might help you to have a healthier skin also. 2) Routine Skin Care It is recommended that the effected area be washed each day twice, using mild soap or recommended cleanser by a health care provider. Be sure not to overdo it though. Washing too may bring about opposite effects often. Unless there is a specific cause or you are recommended by a doctor to take action, avoid over cleaning.