So, CBS News asked leading radiation security experts from MIT and the respected Wellness Physics Society for the true scoop on radiation amounts on not just airport scanners but 12 other every day radiation sources, a lot of which you never thought about probably. How much radiation originates from drinking one glass of spooning or water with your spouse? You might be surprised at the answers. Read our slide present for more.. Acne Scar Removal – Discomfort Free No one likes pimples that leave scars, but there are methods to help remove them. If you’ve severe acne in the past, or should you have pimples now, and they’re leaving scars, there is help.What is the cause of this hair loss? Over a 10-year-period, a 29-year-old female had created a marked decrease in the density of hair over both temporoparietal regions of her scalp . The hair loss had been slowly progressive. The hairline was preserved and the density of the hair over the occipital and vertex areas was relatively unaffected. Examination of the scalp uncovered hairs of differing diameter, but no hair or pustules tufting. Many of the follicular orifices were dropped . Scalp biopsy showed a reduced number of follicles, that have been irregularly distributed and expanded to variable depths in the scalp. There were improved fibrous tracts but no significant perifollicular swelling .

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