It is on the face as well as arms commonly. However, there is no specific age group to have acne. From an adolescent to an adult, anyone can have acne. Acne on the arms is one of the most widespread epidermis disorders. Most of the social people have acne on their face. However, it really is quite usual to have acne on the hands also. Acne not merely mar the physical beauty of the individual but also result in mental tension due to the fear of developing permanent marks. About 50 percent of the acne sufferers have lesions on the hands and face.Articles authored by Frasch and his co-workers in the ASU College of Life Sciences details the technology that would enable this. What Frasch and his colleagues show is definitely that the enzyme can be armed with an optical probe and manipulated to emit a sign when it detects a single molecule of target DNA. This is attained by anchoring a quiescent F1-ATPase engine to a surface. A single strand of a reference biotinylated DNA molecule is attached to its axle then. The marker protein, biotin, on the DNA is known to bind specifically and tightly to the glycoprotein avidin, so an avidin-coated gold nanorod is added. The avidin-nanorod attaches to the biotinylated DNA forms and strand a well balanced complex.