Accumetrics’ VerifyNow P2Y12 Test receives CE mark approval for prognostic use Accumetrics, Inc.g. Clopidogrel) who are in greater risk for future cardiovascular events. Numerous research have demonstrated the link between high residual platelet reactivity and better threat of ischemic events. Storey, MD, Professor of Cardiology at the University of Sheffield, England.’ ‘The CE tag for prognostic usage of the VerifyNow P2Y12 Test in risk assessment represents a major milestone for Accumetrics,’ said Timothy I. Still, CEO and President of Accumetrics.’.The hyperlink is:. It will be repeated. Her content is entitled: Conventional Feminine Hygiene Products: A Women’s Concern With Toxic Implications. I’m a vigilant label reader and also have been since I initial started to uncover the toxic additives that make seemingly healthy food, junk food. The same is true of the supplements I consider and the aesthetic products I placed on my body. I’ve learned to look for dangerous chemical substances disguised in harmless words like fragrance or made with natural ingredients.