We look forward to continuing to contribute to healthcare improvement through partnering with health care organizations and offering them with an accreditation system that includes the various tools and processes they need to succeed. The execution and monitoring of ROPs is among the many ways that Accreditation Canada has a central part in fostering ongoing quality improvement and high quality care. Organizations that participate in accreditation are expected to meet up the ROPs in order to become accredited. The record is on Accreditation Canada’s website:.. Accreditation Canada releases 2010 Record on ROPs to boost quality and patient security in health services In celebration of Canadian Patient Basic safety Week, Accreditation Canada has released its 2010 Report on Required Organizational Practices, which presents accreditation results from Canadian health organizations that underwent accreditation in 2009 2009.Full bibliographic information: Gene expression profiling identifies activated growth aspect signaling in poor prognosis estrogen receptor positive breast cancers Sherene Loi, Christos Sotiriou, Benjamin Haibe-Kains, Francoise Lallemand, Nelly M Conus, Martine J Piccart, Terence P Speed and Grant A McArthur, BMC Medical Genomics .. Adaptive vaccination strategies outperform seasonal influenza vaccination allocation strategies Adaptive vaccination strategies, based on age patterns of hospitalizations and deaths monitored in real-time through the early stages of a pandemic, outperform seasonal influenza vaccination allocation strategies, according to findings reported Dec. 3 by experts, including two from Arizona Condition University, in the web journal PLoS ONE.