.. AARP launches advertising campaign to preserve retirement and health protection of older Americans With the national debate heating up on raising the debt ceiling, AARP announced a new campaign today to fight against proposals with arbitrary limits, caps or triggers that could result in harmful cuts to critical Social Security and Medicare benefits that an incredible number of Americans have earned through a lifetime of hard work. The campaign, which includes a multi-million dollar national advertising timetable, grassroots and online activities, will engage AARP associates and the public around the potential effect that such proposals could have on current and future generations, and encourage them to contact their associates of Congress to oppose dangerous cuts to Social Protection and Medicare.Those forms, called 1095-As, are such as a W-2 for health care. They provided a month-by-month accounting of the subsidies customers received to help pay out their premiums. That info is used to make sure everybody got the proper amount then, not too much, or too little. Andy Slavitt, a top administration official overseeing federal government health insurance programs, stated the administration is investigating the root cause of the problem still. Slavitt said it revolved around erroneous calculations of a benchmark premium that is used to greatly help determine the amount of subsidies that folks receive. It’s unclear how the error would affect consumers, Slavitt said. He said it’s a mix of people who would have gotten too much assistance with their premiums, or inadequate.