AFFiRiS releases positive research results of AD04 therapeutic drug in Alzheimer patients AFFiRiS AG of Vienna, Austria, today released for the very first time results of a clinical stage II study in Alzheimer individuals of its proprietary substance AD04, a therapeutic drug against Alzheimer's disease. The results show an impressive therapeutic effect of Advertisement04 and make it the first ever compound demonstrating scientific and biomarker evidence in keeping with disease modification of Alzheimer's disease Click to read more about the treatment . A statistically significant correlation was demonstrated between the cognitive/functional outcome and the quantity of the hippocampus, the spot of the brain locating the cognitive/memory functions, both which demonstrated positive impact on disease progression over 1.

Reagle and his wife, Marie Haley, of Tampa, FL have a personal interest in the reason, having been caregivers for 1,000 days for Marie’s mom, who had Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is usually devastating to the people who have it, but it’s especially tough on family members caregivers, who are overworked and underfunded perennially. After seeing its impact close up, I’ve always wanted to do my talk about to benefit the reason straight, and I thank AFA for offering me that possibility, stated Reagle, who co-starred in the strike documentary Wordplay and has been a character, playing himself, on The Simpsons.