AlexTriVantage pigment-specific lasers for multi-colored tattoo removal While Angelina Jolie might boast another tattoo, a new survey shows 47 % of males find tattoos on women to be a switch off. Eric Bernstein, board certified dermatologist at the Centers For Cosmetic Laser Medical procedures in Ardmore Philadelphia.’ The AlexTriVantage laser with Candela’s proprietary ‘Laser Pumped Laser’ technology raises the bar for tattoo-removal lasers to new heights with its flexibility and advanced delivery program.Our model does not mimic a clinical program in humans.20 This observation provides support for the speculation that FSH-receptor expression could induce VEGF and VEGF receptor 2 signaling in tumor endothelial cells and thus promote angiogenesis. The fact that FSH and FSH-receptor signaling may generate activated Gq/11 protein21 suggests just one more biologic part for the presence of the FSH receptor in tumor endothelial cells. Gq/11 has been shown to induce VEGFR-2 signaling in individual umbilical-vein endothelial cells, actually in the absence of VEGF.22 This effect may substantially improve the migration and proliferation of endothelial cells in tumor independently of VEGF availability. For both mechanisms, we speculate that blocking FSH-receptor signaling could be a new antitumor strategy.