Shipments of $1.8 million of Iclusig to sufferers in France during the first quarter , which will be recorded as revenue, when reimbursement and pricing negotiations in France are completed and the list cost is determined. We anticipate that this will happen around year-end 2014. Underlying patient demand during the first one fourth was consistent with 2013 levels. Permit revenues for the first quarter of 2014 were $3.8 million, reflecting primarily $3.75 million in milestone obligations from Medinol, Ltd. Under our license agreement for the advancement and commercialization of drug-eluting stents incorporating our mTOR inhibitor, ridaforolimus.S.The genotype of the virus was much like that of the virus isolated from the sample obtained from Individual 1. On April 17, both cases had been reported to the World Health Organization , according to the provisions of the International Wellness Regulations. Epidemiologic investigation of Patients 1 and 2 revealed that neither patient had a recent history of contact with swine. According to process, the identification of these two epidemiologically unlinked patients with novel S-OIV an infection prompted the CDC to notify state and local wellness departments, which initiated case investigations and implemented enhanced surveillance for influenza A infections that could not become subtyped.