Scientists already knew the creation of sperm could be controlled with the hormone androgen or a combination of androgen and progestagen but the long-term impact of the hormones had not been clearly known as yet. Currently, a scholarly study involving androgen treatment is in phase III stage, while another scholarly study, involving androgen-progestin combination is in stage II stage. The prevailing methods of contraception for guys, such as condoms or going through a vasectomy, may be unacceptable for some couples, the brand new hormonal treatment offers another option therefore. Pharmaceutical companies are actually undertaking trials on two methods of treatments, one injection and one implant. Dr. Liu says the info gathered by his team provides convincing evidence that the previously defined efficacy of hormonal male contraceptives is coupled with extremely predictable recovery to sperm features that are compatible with fertility..The pilot study, in the December Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology appearing, found that treatment with both SAMe and an antidepressant improved symptoms in half the study participants and produced full comfort of symptoms in 43 % of participants. Probably the most common problems in treating depression may be the number of people who are still left with symptoms after preliminary treatment with a first-series antidepressant, says Jonathan Alpert, MD, associate director of the MGH Clinical and Depression Research Plan, who led the study. Some previous trials have suggested that SAMe may have effects comparable to some antidepressants, but there has not really been sufficient research on oral SAMe comparisons or preparations with available antidepressants.