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Remain fertile tend to end, Emery Thompson and her colleagues found, with 47 % of the birth again after 40 years, including 12 % observed to give birth twice after age 40.. Together with recent data from wild gorillas and orangutans, the finding – described in the journal Current Biology – suggests that human females are rare or even unique among primates lived a long post-reproductive life. – We have no evidence that menopause find find in wild chimpanzees, says lead author Melissa Emery Thompson, a postdoctoral associate in anthropology at Harvard University. While some female chimpanzees technically outlive their fertility, it uncommon for people uncommon for people in their 40s and 50s – quite old for wild chimpanzees – to remain reproductively active.Of the enterprise IBOOST, subsidiary company the distribution of the Immune Boost Bar, a not – dairy, no refined sugars, natural and comprehensive multi – nutrient products, such forward to strengthen that immune system. The product contains at Citroxin, eFoodSafety proprietary all natural supplement proved in the fight against different types of harmful bacteria. And 40 active compounds that help with the increase of immunity of, detox, cleaning and metabolic efficiency The Immune Boost a bar are available in three delicious flavors: chocolate, oat flakes – raisins , mint and peanut butter can be purchased at..

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