The report finds that the entire backlog could take many years to evaluate DHS. By enough time they catch up, if they ever do, any kind of security they’ve promised could possibly be thrown out the window.. 99 percent of U.S. Chemical facilities at high risk of terrorist strike have yet to pass security inspections How efficient may be the authorities at preventing terrorist attacks, at US chemical services especially? According to Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma, the current federal terrorist prevention regulations are ‘a broken plan that is not making us measurably safer against the risk of a terrorist assault.’ A $595 million terror prevention program was passed by Congress in 2006, nonetheless it fails on multiple levels, relating to a yearlong investigation by the Senate Homeland Security Committee.December and February Flu activity most commonly peaks in the United States between.

Air pollution may accelerate cognitive decline in older women A large, prospective research led by a researcher at Hurry University Medical Center indicates that chronic exposure to particulate air pollution may accelerate cognitive decline in older adults. The full total results of the analysis will be published in the Feb. 13 problem of Archives of Internal Medicine, among the JAMA/Archives journals. In the scholarly study, women who were exposed to higher degrees of ambient particulate matter over the long term experienced more decline in their cognitive functioning over a four-year period. Higher degrees of long-term exposure to both coarse PM and good PM were associated with significantly faster cognitive decline.