Lee noted that DHS offers increased monitoring efforts during the past year, approving security programs for 750 facilities. The program is set to become reauthorized over multiple years now instead of every year, so the authorities can supposedly better strategy security measures over the long haul. 99 % of high-risk chemical facilities yet to pass security inspections Unlike DHS promises, the new Senate accountability report finds that the Section of Homeland Security constantly fails to conduct security compliance inspections on 3,972 of the 4,011 high-risk facilities that they are supposed to be regulating. Which means that 99 % of the security promised by DHS is normally false security. The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee recently addressed the findings.I believe that authors should support BMC journals by submitting high quality manuscripts to them strongly. In the entire years since BioMed Central released in 2000, we have seen our submission price grow rapidly as increasingly more researchers choose Open Access journals as the very best home because of their research. Why not consider submitting your next manuscript to a BioMed Central journal? Congratulations BioMed.. 10,000th open access medical manuscript published In an excellent milestone for the open up access publishing community BioMed Central has announced that it is 10,000th manuscript has been submitted to a BioMed Central journal.