The new 9-valent human papillomavirus vaccine, can prevent 80 % of cervical cancers in the United States potentially, if given to all 11 – or 12-year-old children before they are exposed to the virus. Furthermore to protecting against 80 % of cervical cancers, the new 9-Valent human papillomavirus vaccine, which includes seven tumor causing HPV-types – 16,18,31,33,45,52 and 58 – has the potential to protect against 19 nearly,000 additional cancers diagnosed in the United States, including anal, oropharyngeal and penile cancers. This is a 13 % upsurge in protection against HPV-related cancers compared to the first vaccines out there, Cervarix and Gardasil, which guarded against HPV types 16 and 18.The partnership intends to invest in projects up to $1.5 million each focused on drug repurposing, leveraging existing scientific evidence and research to accelerate the drug development process. This partnership exemplifies the need for combining and leveraging obtainable resources to accelerate drug discovery in Alzheimer's. With nearly 44 million people affected by Alzheimer's and related diseases worldwide, and the number increasing, the organizations hope to propel promising medication developments into final levels of tests and ultimately in the hands of those affected by these devastating diseases. With current treatments just helping with symptoms temporarily, and not avoiding dementia from progressing, new drugs are needed urgently.