718 children of GranadaThe researchers sampled 718 school children aged 9-17 years ago , 13 public and private schools in the province of Granada, Spain years. The use of anthropometric measurements, the researchers assessed children’s weight, height and body mass index for age and sex. Triceps, subscapular supraspinal, calf and thigh, in other words, waist, hips, arms and thigh skin fold measurements were carried out at six locations.

The study – the journal the journal n Nutrici hospitalaria – shows that the nutritional status of children greatly on the person who prepares your meal. Accordingly, present children who do not eat at home, poorer nutritional status than children whose meal is being prepared by her mother. Currently, the mother of the family member who knows best the nutritional needs of children and has the most powerful nutritional knowledge for making meals – researchers state.143 thousand new research project at celiac disease.

Coeliac UK, which national charity for people with celiac disease, him means funding to three Medical Help a total of 300,000 awarded over three years?

The charity finance of three new research projects to diagnose the disease, the to help there:.

‘obligated As a charity, research we hope to the results of this three projects will quickly allowing diagnostic still more people even more people by improved quality of life. ‘.