Each color represents the kind of food that should be eaten and also its quantity. – The green container is for the vegetables. – Purple is usually for the fruits. – Red represents proteins. – Yellow is for the required carbs intake. – Blue allows healthy fat to enter the body. – There are two orange containers; one is definitely for seeds and the other is usually for dressings. – The seventh container is definitely a shaker which is intended for drinks. By using 21 Day Fix, one can easily lose fat without wasting or starving long hours in the gym.. 21 Day Fix Mantra-Eat Exercise and Right Smart Getting thin is a dream that’s not easy to fulfill. It requires dedication, patience and perseverance. There are many diets that are being suggested by different wellness experts which guarantee to help you get into shape quickly.Tag Dayton and the state's medical health insurance exchange. The 30-second advertisement ties President Obama's health insurance overhaul with the troubled start of the state's medical health insurance exchange, MNsure. ‘Barack Obama and Tag Dayton promised Minnesotans that Obamacare would help make issues better,’ stated Ben Golnik, chairman of the Minnesota Jobs Coalition. ‘MNsure remains a mess defined by skipped goals, lost policies and bonus deals for executives who failed in their jobs.