Based on the Association of American Medical Colleges, the average medical college graduate in 2007 experienced $140,000 in college student debt, up by nearly 8 percent from 2006 . A letter to the editor by Mark Ebell of the University of Georgia, that was released this month in JAMA also, ranks internal medicine as one of the lowest having to pay medical specialties . A scholarly study by Ebell found that U.S. Medical students are seeking residencies in higher spending specialties.Results Participants From July 2004 through July 2008 During the period, the scholarly study staff screened colonoscopy and pathology reports and discovered 19,083 apparently eligible sufferers . Ultimately, 2813 individuals entered the run-in period, and 2259 underwent randomization. The scholarly study population was middle-aged or older; most individuals were non-Hispanic males, and more than 35 percent of the individuals were obese . A complete of 11 percent of the participants had three or more adenomas at baseline, and 18 percent had one or more advanced adenomas. There have been no material differences between treatment groups with regard to personal characteristics . Fifteen sufferers who underwent randomization and had been included in the evaluation were later found never to have met all eligibility requirements .