However, not everyone is buying this lame excuse for institutionalized government abuse of personal liberty. With a two-year history of plenty and basic safety of happy customers, many of the Stirlings’ friends and neighbors, not forgetting a groundswell of support from across the country and world because the story spreads, are outraged that legislation is being bastardized in that real way concerning oppress youthful ambition and productivity. Talk about killing her enthusiasm and energetic spirit, writes one Post-Dispatch commenter about the problem. [L]eave it to Madison county. To shut down an excellent young entrepreneur. Get back to the bigger problems people.When you speak to a polished animal in the human type and have why he takes no interest in self-realization, he will say that he simply wants to work to satisfy his stomach and the ones that he is connected to and that there is no need of self-realization for a starving man. Yet, the statutory laws of character are so cruel, that despite his denunciation of the necessity for self-realization and his limitless desire to work hard to fill up the stomachs of him and his, he’s usually threatened by unemployment. We receive this human form of life not to function hard like beasts of burden, but to attain the highest perfection in lifestyle. And yes, some believe that that perfection is definitely a big home, a fancy car, expensive toys and an unlimited array of sense gratification.