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Clemson Community Photography Project


Project Objectives

1. To develop an archive of photographs of and about the city of Clemson, SC and its people, through structured and ongoing contribution of photographs, and to make the archive available to users of Clemson images and those simply interested in viewing them.. 2. To produce, from the archive, a book of photographs taken during the four seasons in a 12 month period (Seasons of Clemson). 3. To produce, from the archive, single photographs for sale or license.


Project Initiation

Press Releases

September 25, 2008

October 15, 2008

January 15, 2009

March 26, 2009

June 16, 2009

May 4, 2010

The Four Photo Days

Day 1: November 14, 2008

Day 2: February 8, 2009

Day 3: April 18, 2009

Day 4: July 3, 2009

You can search by season in the Seasons of Clemson Album and find all photos submitted on one of these days. Click the Search button in the photo albums to see a list of keywords that can help you find the photos you want to see.

Get the Book

Seasons of Clemson, a book of photography created from photos in this project taken on the four photo days, is on sale at the Arts Center. The hardcover version of the 120-page book is $38.95; a limited number signed by Mayor Larry Abernathy can be purchased at the Arts Center for $50.00. The soft cover version is on sale in retail outlets in the Clemson area or at the Arts Center at $19.95 per copy. Prints of individual book photographs and related gift items can be purchased at our online store. 75% of the net proceeds from these sales go to the photographer, with the remainder going to fund programs at the Arts Center.

View the book poster

View sample pages

Reserve a copy

(Download the reservation form and return it to the Arts Center.)

View the Albums


The Seasons of Clemson Album contains all photos submitted for the Seasons of Clemson book project. The Clemson Photo Archive Album contains other photos submitted to the archive. (See the panel at right, The Project Continues, to participate.)


Within the Albums, you can view photos, search for photos taken by a particular photographer, or search for photos that present a particular aspect of Clemson by keyword.


View the Mosaic


A photomosaic of all photos submitted for the Seasons of Clemson book project is under construction. Click the link above to view the current mosaic. Hover your cursor over a point on the mosaic to see the project photo that is a component at that point; click to see that photo in a new page.

The Project Continues  

Clemson photographers may continue to participate by submitting their photos to this constantly expanding archive. These photographs are also available to people looking for contemporary Clemson photographs. License and usage rights may be pursued by sending email to Please identify the photo by file name, and describe how you would like to use it. All photographs remain the property of their photographers, and no image from this site or archive may be used without the photographer's written permission.

  Read This Before You Photograph! The Photographer's Right legal issues in photography in public places Photo Tips Clemson, SC and Public Participation Photography Clemson Community Photography Project Archive Guide Photographer Info Form Photograph ID Form Model Release Property Release   Email regarding photo submission   Email regarding usage permission   Other community photography activities  

Photographers Russ Warmath and Karin Emmons of Clemson University and others have organized the Clemson Photo Club. This organization is open to membership in the general Clemson area. Recently the club has organized its first member exhibition, at The Arts Center, 212 Butler Street, Clemson. For more information, visit the Clemson Photo Club website.


Please visit the Clemson Arts Center for the latest about the arts.


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